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Sorry for the late report but wasnt sure i was gona do one, its alot the same as it has been the fishing is awsome! but any way here it is we went out off holland but ran to portsheldon then trolled back we fished 80 to 90 fow it was amazing we ended the mornig going 16 for 25 with acouple of breakoffs and lots of fish that tangled us up and got off lol! the troll seemed to be any direction as long as it was south lol speed over ground was 2.7 to 3.0 down speed was 2.5 the hot set ups were white slick spinnies with pickle sunshine flies on 300 coppers , glow fire dog on rigger down 65,wire dipseys back 85 to 100 set on 1.5 with mt. dew spinie with green mirage flie,green white echip with pickle sunshine, and braid divers back 140 set on three with green white echip and pickle sunshine flie, and chrome spinie with pickle sunshine flie. Also a few other jp slammer spoons on leadcore and copper. GET OUT THERE WHILE THE FISHING IS HOT!!!!!





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