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7-4 Saginaw Bay Rocks all week!

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The Bay just keeps amazing me with numbers, and now size this week. This week has gifted the Eyeull II and buddys with 95 keeper fish in 5 trips. Most trips have been 4 hours or less. The lower end of the deep water basin on the East side of the channel has been almost 80's like in regards to size. This week has produced 2 fish at 28" and one at 29". Several fish above 6 pounds and the bulk of the keeping at 18-23" size class. Wednesday, we never measured a fish, just threw anything less than 17" back. Silver Streak Minis and jr's behind Walker Mini Discs has been the method. Colors are almost anything with UV pinks, purples, chartruess, or watermelons. 22-25 fow, fishing 85-120 feet back behind big boards at 2.7 - 3.0 gps speed. I started out last weekend fishing my normal spread of 4 board rods each side, plus the two slide divers over the corners. The last two trips, I reduced the spread to 3 board rods per side and no slide divers. Why work harder than you have to when the fish are jumping like they are. I did notice that the school of fish I have been working (along with many others) has moved north and east a little each day, almost a mile this week in total. We need a hard north east blow to move some cold water back in the Bay, or the bite will die and move to deep water. I'll post some photos later tonight when I can get them organized from the past week. I have been either working or fishing, so not much time for posting or photos.

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Great job Tony! I think the lack of last winters ice fishing helped alot this year. Always many big ones caught then, and hardly no one got out. But I still want a good winter this year:D Keep hammering them, sounds like great size on the fish, they're getting bigger overall every year. If it keeps going, we'll be like Erie in the near future!

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