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Saginaw Bay Shallow Water Eyes 7-5-2012

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Gotta Luv Dat Bay. Lord knows I do.

Tom, Mel, Pat, Rod, and I teamed up on Priority1 to box 25 eaters. 9-12 FOW pulling 2 oz bouncers and two hook harnesses. The KISS method. We started going 1.5 but the fish told us they wanted it faster. Always listen to the fish. Bumped it up to 1.7 MPH and hung on. Find out what they want and give em lots of it. Chartreuse, Orange, Glow, and big homemade Purple Smile did most of the damage. Tom and Pat never fished with me before but by the end of trip they were tuned in. A lot of the gear I run is home spun. I usually do some tweaking to every store bought piece of equipment. Surface water temps were 77 degrees F. You can stay and play on the Inner Bay or Run and Gun and have some fun. Da Bay is loaded with fish. Gotta Luv what we have in out back yards.


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