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Got out at about 7 tonight and a slow start but that didn't last long. We got a steelhead to start things off and about 9 we couldn't keep rods In the water. We had a fish on at almost all times for about 2 hours and ended the night with a triPle. The final count was 12-22 (7 kings) (5 steelhead) we lost some really big kings but what can you do. A lot of 13-15 pound fish

What worked:

6 color with blue dolphin (1 fish)

250 45# copper with green flounder pounder uv (2 fish)

300 45# copper with happe meal (got broken off)

Dipsey back 175 on 3 setting with green SD with green fly (missed one)

Dipsey back 150 on 1.5 setting with Mongolian beef (broken off by a monster)

Down rigger down 70 with blue jeans and wonder bread uv slider (caught 5 and lost 4)

Down rigger down 80 with blue mOngolian beef and red crab slider (caught 4 and lost 3

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