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East Side 7-1

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Took us 2 hours and 40 minutes to fill our 7 man limit. Had a few kids on board and they had a blast. 10-11' of water, 1.5/2 oz with meat, 25-30' back on big boards, and 4 oz over the side. Speed 1.7-1.8 mph seemed to be the ticket. Anything with blue and red seemed to be the best, but I don't think it really mattered. I could see giant clouds of bait (3-4" shiners) swimming over the side of the boat all morning and we marked tons of bait on the sonar. Probably the fastest action I've ever witnessed in my 20 years on the bay. We had to throw 4 eyes back that were 18-22" long when we went to clear the lines and go in, and the kids lost quite a few fish too. Had a few throwbacks, but I'd say the keeper to throwback ratio was 5:1.


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where did you fish out of on the east side, we have been doing great out of sebewaing

We fished out of Sebewaing. The amount of bait out in the bay right now is unbelievable. I don't ever remember marking/seeing this much bait.

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