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Mon 7-2-2012 Inner Bay Eyes

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Chuck A, Skip S, Rod B, and I took a 4 man limit Mon. The bugs were bad and the waves were calm. When the wind died so did the bite. It took us longer to get the last 5 than the first 15 and mine is always the last limit filled.:) It is somewhat important to capitalize on a good bite because it can shut down in a heartbeat. It was an enjoyable trip with some nice people. We fished 24 to 28 FOW pulling bouncers and meat. Our long lines were dead so we pulled them and squeezed in another 2 boards for a total of 12. A good crew and calm waters made this doable. The closest board was only 15 feet away from the boat. 1.5 MPH with a glow chartreuse being our best color but everything took fish.

I was going to fish this morning Tue. but the wind off the buoys made me call it off. It may lay down later but I had some guys making a bit of a drive and didn't want to chance it. I'll be back out Fri and possibly Thurs. A 90 yo World War 2 Vet, that fished with me in the Walleye For Warriors event, will fish with me Friday.

The Bay is HOT from Bay City to it's outer limits.

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