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Fish finder/GPS combo of choice

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I'm trying to decide which GPS fish finder combo unit to go with. I've narrowed it down to two that sound pretty nice. One is the Lowrance HSD-10, and the other is the Garmin 740S. Anybody have experience with either of these two units? Is there another one that's better? Any help would be appreciated.

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I have extensive experience with both of these unit.

In my opinion I will have to give the edge to the Garmin for several reasons.

The Garmins strongest feature is its gps. It has almost a zero redraw time, the gen 2 is a lot better, but the Garmin is just so blazing fast. The touchscreen gps is extremely easy to use also. It also has some very useful Garmin exclusive features.

The easy to use nature of the Garmin does stop with the gps the unit itself is very easy and I love the touchscreen interface.

I like Garmins radar better, where lowrance is focusing on its 4g broadband I have been less than impressed with its real world performance. The HD series equipment from Garmin has been really good.

One thing that is as much of a negative for lowrance as a positive for Garmin. That is reliability and customer service. Now the customer service side of lowrance has gotten slightly better but I also feel like I've been seeing more failures in equipment then ever too. My dad has had the same Garmin on his boat for years and never an issue.

One of the last point and probably the best is $500-$600 more left in your pocket.

Now this isn't just going to be a lowrance bash, the hds does have some good points.

I will have to give it credit for an excellent sonar, where the Garmins is good the lowrance is great and if you are a multi species fisherman the structure scan may be a positive for you.

Also the lowrance will seemlessly network multiple displays without having to duplicate equipment. The Garmin 740 will network just not as well as the hds or it's Garmin big brothers.

Now there isn't one perfect unit for everyone and others might have different opinions especially because everyone fishes differently but I intentionally kept each point short so this post didn't get to long if you would like me to elaborate on something let me know.

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