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Fished 5:30-8 and went 8-10

110-80 FOW

30-75 down

300 copper with a green Dolphin took a 13 pound steelhead and a 2 pound king

65 Down on the rigger SWR with a RV Bloody nose took a 21 pound king

45 Down on the rigger took a 15 pound king and a small steelie with a chrome spinnie and a big weenie Chinese buffet fly.

Dipsy 140 out took with a blue spinnie and. Blue fly a nice 16 pound king.

Dipsy 80 out with a green spinnie and a green fly took a nice steelie and a 17 pound king.

...... 2 times we had doubles aand one time we had a triple.. It seemed like the fish were in pods.

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