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Headed out to 120 trolled ssw out to 145 only hit was a laker that came unbuttoned 10 ft from the boat. Reversed the troll and hooked a steelie that promptly spit the spoon out. Took a rip on another rod and was gone in two cranks of the handle. Not looking good. Had two major tangles and a snag with a break off (might have hooked the wreck). :o Finally got fish in the boat 90-100 fow, not a bait pod in sight. Finished 2 for 5.

Here's what worked:

Craig's Christmas 4cl- steelie lost

Smashmouth dn 80- laker lost

UV Flounder pounder 300 copper- took a rip

BLL Blk glo screwball 150 copper- 2 coho

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