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Fished out of holland last night ,started out in 85 fow and slowly fishe on a sw troll not much happened the first couple hours then the last 1 1/2 hour we finaly got where the fish were 110 to 140 fow 45 to 65 down were busy til after dark pulling 2 steel and 6 kings and looseing at leat 6 more fish so ended 8 for fer 14 or something like that. what worked for us:

jp slammer glow fire dog on rigger down 65 on rigger (took multiple hits)

jp slammer king killer on slider (took multiple hits)

jp slammer blue dolphin on full core

jp slammer mi. blue berry on ful core

white slick coyote with green mirage flie on dipsey 165 back

silver streak super screw on 225 copper

silver streak lemon berry on 225 copper

we tried for trout last night to but could not find them , it was cooler on the lake than on shore but the bugs about drove us insane but had a great night with a couple good buddies.:thumb:

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