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6/23/2012 Au Gres

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ft the house @ 5am and made my way to Au Gres for a day trip. Pulled 8 fish for our efforts. We covered a lot of water looking for active fish, with another may fly hatch it was work. 1.5 & 2oz inlines 20-60 back were taking fish, with a couple hits coming on the bouncers over the side. My custom purple Silver Streak is still producing, it has taken fish every trip. We fished south, hit one spot and got 5, then it shut right down for us. So we moved over to 1&2, and the bugs were so ridiculous that we only hung around there for about 10 minutes. Moved north to the east side of the channel out of Au Gres and picked up 3 dandy walleye there. 3 cats and 1 sheep went back into the bay. Was a damned nice day on the water once we got out of the bugs. While cleaning our fish I saw and orange tag in the back of one of the eyes. Upon some further investigating I will be rewarded $100 for sending in some kind of transmitter.....BONUS

Boat is home, and ready for a cleaning, and then off to Lake Huron to try for some perch on vacation with the kiddos.


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Shweeeet! Cash to boot!:cheers:

Nice looking fish too.

These fish are soooo tasty! I hope everyone is putting them on ice in a cooler as they are caught. It helps in keeping the meat firm and chilled. No livewell with lake water.

Send some perch reports too.

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Way to go sir! That bug hatch was rediculous! We started out SE of 1 & 2, almost bagged it early at noon with only two fish in the box. Took me three hours scrubbing today to get the bugs all out of the boat.:eek:

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