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Manistee weekend report.

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Fishing is still very good in Manistee. We have been fishing a lot of meat with some spoons kicked in. We have been fishing from 80-200ft of water, did hear of some steelhead offshore in 300+.

The corner riggers with blue whale, uv blue dolphin, uv green dolphin, area 51 down 75-100ft.

The chute rigger has had a meat rig on it either a yellow uv mountain dew w/ yellow fern stinger meat rig or dark blue protroll with blue no see em teasers( that combo took our first 20lber of the season:lol::lol:)

Divers with red protroll w/ redpepper stinger meat rig, Uv purple protroll w/ purple no see em teasers, NBK stinger flasher with hypnotist stinger meat rig, did have a few fly hits also, white crush protroll with oceana and black slick stinger flasher with hypnotist. Low divers back 150-250 highs back 250-400.

Copper as been very slow for us, did have two bites on a 400 with a purple protroll and purple no see em teasers.

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As usual thanks for the updated report. We fished on saturday am until noon. 4 for 8 got our butts kicked as the fish were hot. Meat program took most of the hits. Spoons first thing in the early light.


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