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Fished Holland with Dan the builder friday AM....

ended up 4-11, with fish just comming unbuttoned.

2 nice kings both 15 plus

2 lakers

Lost a couple screamers and a monster buttom hugger on the SWR..

What worked...

Patriot on the 350 and the rigger down 112

BLL White nose dolphin (BLL Prototype)

silver Meat rig on the bottom

BLL Modified Kevorkian SWR down 100

BLL Irish Car Bomb (Prototype) Patriot but with green 300 45 pound

BLL green Kermit on the 300 32 pound

BLL Mod Blue Veggie 250 32 pound

Needless to say we had our chances .... Best troll was 100 to 110 on the 330 (Same as last trip) North of Holland ...

I will post more about the boat problems later.. and how much of a shlup i am. :)

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Dave i thought it was my bad luck that we lost all those fish but now i can see its all you!

I was the bad luck! All the fish got off with the rod in my hands! Dave tried to wash it off me about 300 yards from the launch on the way back in. :lol:

I had a wonderful time. Was so thankful to get out on the water and see how its done. I've never seen kings so big.

Once I get my boat put back together lots of copper is going to be added!

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