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we had a late start setting lines about 8:30 in about 80 fow. went west with no takers. But had double digit short strikes nothing hooking up. we worked to 120 the turned back thinking it was about time to get off the water. We were the last boat on the water around 11:45 in 100 fow when the rigger set at 75 down fired hard. took a min to get that one in but was a nice 13lbs king. so we turned back and went back over the same place we caught that and sure enough the same rigger fired again bring a 15lbs king. we made one more pass and called it a day.

rigger set 75 down with a mod green dolphin on a 60 degree troll.

all in all was not a bad day. the short strikes crazy and kept us pretty busy. radio chatter sounded like others were having them too. but went 2-2 and both really nice kings so we were happy

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