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06-07-2012 Saginaw Bay Eyes

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Same program different day. Four man limit. 2 oz bouncers and meat off the boards and 3 oz off the sides. Color didn't matter. Speed was 1.2-1.6 MPH. We probably caught 40 walleye. I'm hoping to get out again tomorrow with my son, DIL, and grand kids. Tomorrow the kids rule and if we catch a few and and get some smiles that will be good enough for me. Thanks to Tom T. Paul R. and Joe R. for joining me. Tom T. will be helping me tomorrow if the weather cooperates. :) TG for what we have going in this great state. I hope none of us ever take it for granted.


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Nice job Got out today after being laid up for 2 weeks with a bad back. was going crazy reading all the great reports. anyhow went out of sunset bay by myself around noon, started in the slot but could only catch 10" fish and sheep. Noticed a small group of boats out on the bar and decided to make a move. Boxed 5 in about 2hrs with 1.5 oz bottom bouncers all three poles caught fish, firetiger,pink/black, and yellow/orange.

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Another fine catch Frank. Don't catch them all, I am heading that way in 2 weeks and have only fished that port once in a friends boat.

Good luck with the kids ! Nothing better !!!:thumb:

:thumb: You brinig your boat and aryo fun fishing o fishing te big tourney??

Nice job Frank on the fish!!:thumb:

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Nice job Frank, which port are you fishing out of? Gonna try driving over from GR on Sunday to give it a whirl - enough salmon in the freezer, time for the 'other white meat'!

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