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Holland 6/6 a.m. Where to start?

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I plan on going out of Holland 6/6 am as well. I haven't seen many reports since we went out on 6/3 am. That morning we were marking them at 110 feet +/-10ft. I think I am going to stick around that area or possibly a little deeper since surface temps look like they went up a little. Looks like it will be a nice day.

I think spoons are still the best bet but someone else might say different. Not sure if they are hitting large or small spoons though.

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i promised a charter capt i wouldnt tell:mad: but i just realized i get my best info from here.lol fished pier on monday and packed with baitfish 1oo per cast net. anyway the alewives are in close 38-47fow was smoking! but if too many boats in there the fish will leave. 2color and 3color leadcore with yager bomb standard sz spoon(pink green & orange) south troll and east troll. U will mark huge schools of bait in there and then a little farther behind was 4 big schools of cohos 4-6lbers and browns on the bottom (football browns) riggers 24-35down with big white double fish scale paddle with big weenie frostd luke fly( white with yellow beads) only 10-15fts leads on the paddle. didnt matter what speed from 2.6-3.0 water temp at the ball was 47.9 on the fishawk went out to 100fow and marked nearly nothing but it was 2pmlol but came in trying to find perch schools to mark for later and the graph blew up when i hit 48 was south of port sheldon where u can see the highest dunes just before they get smaller. They should be there in the morning. hope this helps

for u newbies on the leadcore lines u want to attach the board and let at least another 100ft of line all the alewives were getting off the piers is 3-5inches so use standard sz spoons

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forgot the details.lol
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