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outboard steering cable

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So the steering on my Starcraft from 1994 has been stiff for some time now and this year it is getting to an almost unusable state so I decided its time to change it out.

Im debating on moving to a non-feedback system but I wanted the opinion of others before I spend the extra money.

Its not that it was a problem before and its only a 90 hp motor, but the advantage of the motor not turning unless you want it to is a plus.

the replacement is $180 and the non feed back system is $260


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If i were buying a new cable steering system it would definately be a Uflex NFB system.

Uflex has a better design for their helm then teleflex and the nfb i think is worth the extra money.

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i bought a no feedback system on ebay here a couple of years ago. it came with everything i needed and they are alot less money on ebay if your doing the work yourself. now i wouldnt even think about anything elce for my outboard. it works great when trolling our local lake. it is just alittle stiffer than the old kind but it doesnt turn unless you turn it. i bought the whole system, the cable, the helm and a new steering wheel. but i decided to get another wheel that i really liked. but i got the whole thing for like 169.00 plus the extra wheel. they may be alittle higher now but i would say not much higher. i thing mine was a teleflex with the quick connects. only took me about 1 hour to change it out. and i had to drill a bigger hole for the helm to fit my very old boat.

you might just want to check ebay out before you buy. they are brand new kits. they are just alot cheaper than a marina. now if the price you gave us is installed price its not that bad. goooood luck


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