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well i went out fishin in the rain tonight :rolleyes: just cant help my self it really is a sickness LOL any way went out to 58 fow and started there had 6 bites in there but only kept one small one on ,lost a nice mid teens king at the net and a nice steelie on 5 color the rest were short strikes, so we decided to move out when we hit 89 fow all heck cut loose we had a quad on :eek: only three guys so this was busy, we managed to get 3 of those fish into the boat ,just as we landed the third fish another rod went off ,landed that fish a very nive king around 17 lbs , get lines back in the water ( or most of them) and we hook up to a double!!! got both of them fish in two nice kings again . all in all we went 9 for 16 or more (lost count of bites) we tossed one small one back,and had to keep three small ones the rest were 12 to 16 lbs what a great end to a oh hum night!

what worked :

glow fire dog jp slammer on full core and 250 copper

kiong killer on 5 color

grean white e chip on high diver back 150

white slick paddle on wire back 65 mag dipsey

white slick spinnie with mirage flie back 150 on braid

rigger down 50 free slider orange high ball jp slammer

blue dolphin on full core



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