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Fish Hawk = Excellent customer service!

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I recently purchased a boat that came with a fish hawk X4 system.(approx 3 years old) I love the setup and the probe/transducer are still like new. The display on the other hand appeared to have been roughed up a bit by the previous owner. The clear plastic housing had some cracks in it and one side of the screen looked like someone pushed on it and left a mark. It was still in working order but not very appealing cosmetically.

I sent it in to fish hawk per the instructions on their website and sent them an email advising that it was on the way. They responded to my email right away and said that they would have it fixed up in no time. Their website states that there is a flat rate of $190 to repair the display or $299 for a brand new display.

I was really hoping that if they charged $190 that it would be refurbished to like new condition.. If not I would have rather just purchased a brand new display for the extra $100.

My wife and I left to go "up north" for a short vacation (5 days). When we returned I had a package at the front door from fish hawk. They replaced the cracked plastic housing and the screen and threw in a $15 foul weather cover all for $50 + shipping. There are still a few very small cracks on the back of the plastic housing around the scerew holes however for $50 I am very happy with the way it turned out.

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