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5/26/12, Au Gres, Saginaw Bay, Fishing Report

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The walleye fishing out of Au Gres has been awesome this week on Saginaw Bay. My customers limited out on walleyes today in about three hours of fishing and also took one bonus perch too. No junk fish were caught in the last two days. With walleyes priced at about $20 per pound at the supermarket, my customers really cashed in with a very valuable catch indeed. We took all our fish on crawler harnesses fished near the bottom. There was no preference in lure colors today as everything I ran took fish. I used blades in silver, chartreuse, orange and fire/tiger with good success. My speeds were in the 1.2 to 1.5 mph range and we trolled with the wind all the way today. We set lines in deeper water and trolled one, stright, five mile long trolling pass never turning once and taking fish all along the way until we pulled lines in 25 foot of water with limits in the box. The fish were widely scattered the last two days and holding tight to the bottom. The recent heavy bug hatches (Mayflies and Midges) are what the walleyes are feeding on now so they are holding deep during the day.

Capt. Mike Veine

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While I was waiting out the storm yesterday sitting in my truck at the H&H Bakery I got to see a tornado pop up, then disinigrate only lasting 30 seconds. I'd guess the the twister was over by the High School. I know there were some trees down in town, but I hadn't heard much else about it. That's the second tornado I've seen at Au Gres. Another one was out over the Bay and also on the back side of a big storm. That one though stayed on the water for at least 10 minutes heading for Sand Point. I got some good photos of that one.

Capt. Mike

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