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went out to 70fow looked around nothing, checked 80fow, then to 100 few fish, set lines. and began a north west troll went to 150 nothing turned around headed east hit 120 took a double after picking up speed to 2.8-3.0

anything less wasn't happening. got lines back in turned around nothing to 140 turned back south east, took two more. not the greatest night, but not bad. fished from 5:30-8 ish.

300' 45# bloodrun copper w/silver streak blueberry muffin took 2 kings 16#/14#

12 color lead with a silver streak lemon berrry took a 9# steelie.

rigger with silver streak miami dolphin, at 90 down took 7# king

lost one on a rigger running 95 down with a silver streak plankton.

and lost one other on same rigger with miami dolphin.

paddle fly bite as u can see was dead, but still great night on the water there wasn't a ripple on the water last night.

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