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Well the trend almost continued ,only 40 min late. Launched the boat at 520 this morning , The fish were out in 120 , in pockets . Largest area was right out side of the filter in 120 FOW. First 2 were on the small side , but the next 2 just what we came out for. Wire dipsy set on 2 out 140 FF with little boy blue, double up with a 8 color Double orange crush UV . The king on the wire turned to to be a real screamer. as it hit it took out 160feet of line . Now at this point the 8 color fires and its a fire drill. Nick got his in as I held mine out for a moment so he could net his because mine didn't like the boat so much and would make a run if it was getting near the boat. Finely get mine close enough and Nick nets it and the net collapses due to the weight. Another King tipping the scales and Almost 20. FF ruled today , LBB, blue aqua, blue crinckle, pear white flashers mnt dew, blue mnt dew. NBK spoons and the double orange crush uv.

ended the day 7 for 7 , 1 drive by on the riggers .


Tight Lines Jim

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