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pre fished friday for the michigan steelheaders challenge , we fished 115 fow to 130 fow and every where else without much luck we went 4 fer 7 on friday morning and 3 for 9 in 85 fow for the tourney on sat. went out tonight and fished for a little more than an hour went 2 for 4 in 130 to 160 fow then the storms started to move in so we ran for home. While we were out we caught a 10 lb king that tangled our swr , 250 copper,and 300 copper !!!!:(:eek: lost both coppers but saved the 2 colors of lead. Thanks to all who participated in the mish challenge it was a huge succsess we had 43 boats in it ,the fishing was tuff but there was still lots of fish brought to the scales the big fish was a 17 lb plus lake trout.


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