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setup in 40 fow after marking bait just outside the arms..trolled that area with only 1 hit and set out for deeper water..trolled nw to the 18s..ended 12 for 14 best water was 130-140..had a few hits on chrome style spinnies but spoon bite outshined by far this trip..seemed we ended up with a much better spoon bite over fly bite in holland last week also..thanks to the dog for coming along

what worked

rigger 70 dn with grn stripe paddle with pickle sunshine streak fly(been good all year)

5 color with mag silver streak lemonberry

7 color with reg ss green muffin

150 32#copper with mag ss miami dolphin

200 32#copper with reg ss blue mango

250 32#copper with reg ss kato

200 32#copper with mag panty ho

wire 100 back with mix veggie spinnie and big weenie maniac glow fly

wire 150 back with fat nancy spinnie and black and silver streak fly

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