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I brought the boat to work with me Thursday, and took two coworkers out for there first Salmon fishing trip that evening (working on a big house in Spring Lake/Grand Haven).

Randy had never been fishing on Lake M, and Jim has not been out since the 70's.

We set lines North of port in 80 fow and worked West. We picked up two fish right off the bat, then things went cold. After a dry spell, we swung around, pointed the boat S/SE, and got ready for Sizzle Time. As soon as we hit 80 fow, the poles started rocking, 2 and 3 at a time. The action stayed that way for an hour+. When we where done we had 15 fish in the cooler, and none that got off.

We ran a spread of;

2 riggers set around 50-70' down

2 divers set to run just below the riggers, both with paddles and flies.

2 300' 32# Bloodrun copper, with Spoons (aprox 60' down)

2 250' 32# Bloodrun copper, with spoons (aprox 50' down)

Every poll but one took fish.

The smiles on these two guys faces did not leave when we left work today.

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