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May 19th Holland or Muskegon?

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Hi guys my name is mike im a long time stalker of all of your forum post haha.

So i have my grand father coming out this weekend who asked me to take him fishing before his surgery. I Know st joe looks to being doing well but i live in rockford and st joe is one heck of a drive. I guess what im trying to find out is weather we would have better luck in muskegon or holland. I tried grand haven last year wasnt too impressed after being skunked 3 times and catching a big 35lb cat. So Holland or muskegon which would i have better luck at. If you could and have fished either of these spots in the past couple weeks could you let me know a direction to head once on the lake. My set up is pretty small just 2 riggers 4 rods, plan on usings spoons. Like my name guys smallboatbigfish.



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Fished Muskegon today from 10-1pm and we were 10/16 with our limit in 80-100fow straight out and to the north. Fish ranged from 5-15lbs. All spoons riggers 41-52 down andd 225 copper which would be right there with the spoons. Big Lake Lures Modified Blue dolphin and Tequila Sunrise took the majority of the fish- will be back out friday and saturday:thumb:

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Nice work jacob! That news makes my day. Friday and saturday are supposed to be great. I guess i will be out there saturday then. If you see a small astrocraft with a 2x6 with riggers mounted on it , that is me. I plan on trying out some of these moonshine spoons i have. What time you headed out on saturday i was thinking about getting there just before daylight. Also to access the lake from muskegon you must first launch into muskegon lake right? Thanks alot jacob Ill let you know how i do.

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I agree with Jacob set in that 100 fow and as sun gets a little high slide out a tad. We will be fishing saturday out of whitehall and fishing south so you can give us a shout and we will try to help.

Lucky Charmz on 68.

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