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father-inlaw and i went out to find 3 to 5 foot waves with 6 once in awhile. we set in 140 fow riggers set at 60, 70, 80,and 100 down, we had 2 on early which i let slip off right at the boat.. one a nice king the other a small coho. we kept tolling 130-150 fow our 100 down rigger caught one of those nets and snapped the rigger cable. we lucked out and only lost the cannon ball and 50 or so feet of cable. we stayed pushing and ended up going 3 for 7 all kings one small the other 2 were 10lbs kings. still new to the big lake fishing. only second year on the lake first year putting fish in the boat.. so we are happy

what worked was

rigger set at 60 down with moonshine green flounder pounder.

rigger set at 80 down with same spoon.

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yes the boat is white and maroon.. its a 21 foot baron cruiser.. its a nice boat.and yes guys i have marked where those nets are now lol and thanks for the tips looking forward to the weekend trying to find those fish again.. and no nets this time lol.. and Jeff if you were calling us on the radio we didnt hear ya.. if you see us out there feel free to call me out by name.. either David or hell hound ill answer to both. looking to be out on the water maybe friday but for sure saturday.. feel free to call out to us

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we always have radio on channel 68.. if any of you see us out give a shout.. went out last sunday for 12 hours with not a single hit.. we are doing something wrong not sure what tho.. we dont run copper or anything like that right now just riggers and maybe a dipsey so if you have any ideas let us know thanks guys

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