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Weapons in my Arsenal?

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Ok, I have 4 downriggers, one starboard side & one stern starboard side, same set up on the port side. I have my lead core (full, half & SWR); divers both port & starboard.

Here is the question, should I buy some slide divers, spend the money on lures, or is there something else I should add to the arsenal & why?

I know that if I had $300 I would buy that Fish Hawk 840 Mark (Just Hook'n) is selling, :D but absent that, thanks for your input.

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if you are lacking lures, I can throw in a few dozen with the Fish Hawk. I have 1000 and we probably only use the same 50 lures all the time.

Sooooo I can get you lures, not saying they will catch fish, but they caught a sucker (me).

We started adding copper setups the last few years (heavier this year), but you can easily blow $300 on a rod, reel and the line.

For obvious reasons I would say get the fish hawk. hahahahaha. But you can get that information from friends on the lake (if it is not tournament time).

If I was you, I'd probably start at least investigation copper.

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How may guys/rods do you fish with? If no more than 9 rods, sounds like you got things covered. If so, I'd add to the tackle box with spoons and flashers/flys or meat rigs. If you have all the lures you need, then do you have wire divers? If no, you could add a couple wire divers and then run 4 divers at a time, highs and lows.

If you are adding lures, I'd buy stuff over time and get proven hot lures that are happening now instead of dropping a pile of cash on lures that worked last year. Hot lures change all the time. Some are one hit wonders and some produce consistenly over time.

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I have looked at a speed temp probe before, and if your on a budget and only fish the weekends and holidays its not worth the money. I can dial in my speed by the divers.

I would much rather have 3 rods that can reach deep then not have them and know that im going the right speed in 70 degree water at 9 am.

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