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This is a little late, but I was able to get out monday morning with a couple of guys we ran to 150 straight out and set-up, got 4 lines down and had first on! off the rigger. then the other rigger went, double!!! woohoo. next thing you know the wire diver took off, let the chinese fire drill start. got all fish in was resetting lines able to get all lines out on a 9 rod spread. 5 min goes by a another fish on, we stayed pretty steady the rest of morning. this was our set-up. and most fish came on a west to north west troll. 180 -220 best water.

rigger set at 145 w/ dw green and white 11" paddle with a last supper fly

rigger set at 135 w/ white pearl 11" paddle and a hypnotist fly

rigger set at 125 w/ purple ladder back reg. spoon and a kevorkian on slider 10' higher.

wire divers set on 2 one was 250 back and the other 275 back ran a wonder bread paddle 11" w/mirage fly. and a dw green and white paddle 11" w/ green glow fly??

400 copper 45# with a lemon berry s.s

300 copper 45# with a miami dolphin s.s

225 copper 45# with a screw ball s.s.

150 copper 45# with a green dolphin

ended or day 17 for 24 threw back couple lakers, rest were all kings not a coho in sight? average size 8-12 with one 15# and a 17# :thumb:

feel pretty fortunate after hearing not so good reports at first.

Thanks Doug

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