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What do you spend on gas per trip?

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I fish out of a 18 foot aluminum boat with a 75 horse mercury. It costs about $23 per trip on average to fuel it. We had a kicker for the first half of last year then lost it in a tragic gravity/metal is heavier than water accident. That saved only like $3-4 a trip in gas.

I am looking in the future to upgrade with something with a little more shoulder room. I was just wondering the fuel costs per trip over these bigger boats.

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I usually burn about 10-12 gallons per trip, depending on how far I run and other factors. Now, in the truck is another story. Over and back gets me close to a full tank of gas, so $100 there. The gas in the boat is nothing compared to the truck.

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boy, i dont do near as good as some of these guys. but i fish the central basin of erie in the summer. so its a 15 to 18 mile run before we shut down. but we start out trolling northeast so were going farther out, untill we find fish. then we try to stay with them.

i run a 21 ft cobia with a 350 vortec 320 hp with a 650 double pumper holley carb. we use between 20 and 25 gal a day. so the cost depends on the price per gallon. which right now is pretty high.

i have a 28 ft sea ray amberjack with twin 4.3 mpi 6 cyl engines. we used it last year and it took about the same gas as my cobia. the 4.3,s are good on gas, and we trolled with one engine. but its a 700 mile trip for us. and its a job to trailer that boat that far. and we have to use the truck to pull it, where we can use the motorhome on the cobia. so im going to sell the sea ray and just fish with the cobia.


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