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Fished from 5-8 pm in 160 to 180 fow. Went 11 for 14. 10 kings 1 coho

5 came on ET spoon 70 down on rigger

3 on ET spoon - dipsey set at 2 170 out

1 on 200 copper moonshine flounder pounder

1 on ten color mixed veggies

1 fish taken 1 miss and one break off on rigger uv spin doctor 80 ft down

Finally after 2 years on the Big lake, I got a limit. (Excluding cohos in St Joe)

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Well done...where do you put in over there? I tried it a year ago (down by the big boat) and chewed up a prop. Is there a better place?


I have mine slipped in Douglas, but I put it in this year next to the Keewatin. They are dredging the area from the end of the Keewatin's dock to past tower marina. If you go a straight shot over from the Keewatin to Tower and then follow the west end of Kalamazoo Lake until you get to the river, you "should" be fine. Hopefully that made some sense. Otherwise, you could try downtown by the Star of Saugatuck. I busted my skeg when pulling my boat last fall at Schultz park by the freeway, so I won't recommend that one now.

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