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Well,nothing has changed much, still a ton of fish out there, , but the shakers were gone this morning. I left the ramp this am with my father inlaw and my buddy Dennis around 7:30 and headed for 100 fow , thinking that if we setup there and go west that we could get our lines in before we started getting bit "WRONG"!

We took bites from 105 out to 200 and back to 150 finishing the morning around 10:45 going 15 for 21 3 coho and 12 nice kings. Our best troll was a 250 with a s.o.g speed of 3.3 and a down speed of 2.5.

And heres what worked and the catch.


The wire divers were by far the best, all the flys are new from Silver Streak this year and they are from top to bottom.

  1. uv Aqua Glow
  2. Pickled Sunshine
  3. Silver Addiction


these are

  1. not sure of the paddle but the fly is UV Glow Marage
  2. Lemon Berry
  3. Miami Dolphin
  4. Dbl Glow Gorge
  5. Lunar Eclips

And the catch:thumb:


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