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Port Sheldon 4-29-12 A.M...

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Decent morning on the pond. Started at the 130' range south of the stacks on a west-southwest/troll picked up first fish at around 150' on a rigger dragging a double trouble parked at 105'. Took two more fish at the 165' one on a rigger tipped with a flounder pounder at the 100' range and the other on a full core with a mag blue dolphin. Worked out to the 185' range with nothing going..turned back to a east troll and hit another on the full core at the 170-175' mark. Made it into 145' with nothing else. headed back on original line and took two more at the 165-170' mark on riggers down 135' both on the flounder pounder, took our last fish on a east troll headed for the stacks at the 155' mark on my hot spoon of the day.......a flounder pounder. 6 for 6... two small shaker coho's and 4 nice kings...coho's released and kings in the box. Big fish of the day was a 10# king. Had my better half with me on this trip, good to get her on the water and let her fight a few fish, and as we all know....guess who was the captain today....? Sometimes you just have to roll with the "First mate" status:grin:

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Great job Bob! It was good talking to you out there, way to go on the fish. Watch out, next thing the wife will want a bigger boat with a cuddy and a porta pot! :lol:

Thanks Dan, always good talking to you and gaining knowledge. Happy fishing my friend.:thumb:

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