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Sorry for the delayed post...

Well played the weather right and got out last night. Was joined by Dirty Dog and and a fellow coworker. Headed staight out of the pier to 120' and started setting lines. The rain held of pretty good and waves were around 1' to start and builded as the evening carried on. Three man limit in 2.5 hours!! The fishing is really good right now.

What worked. 130-150 was best and paddles with Silver Streak flys took most of the fish.


110' 10 White Spin doctor with Silver Streak Green Mirage fly

80 Freakin Veggies Spoon

Wire Divers:

Both set 250 and 300' back, with 11" UV paddle and Silver Streak Green Mirage fly and Silver Streak Purple Mirage Fly


400 45lb blood Run, 11"UV Blue Edge Paddle with Silver Streak Blue Mirage fly

150 32lb blood run-SS Lemon Berry

250 32lb Blood run SS Glow George


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