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Milwaukee April 25, 2012

Fished between the south and main gaps in between 40-50 FOW. Had very fast action this morning, first fish boxed and line reset at 7:42am, last fish boxed at 8:14am (I only know the times because of text messages).

All fish came off riggers. 2 color SWR down 14 with a standard size moonshine dancing anchovy was ON FIRE!!!! The dancing anchovy is by far the best spring lure in my arsenal. That went 3-4. Mono rigger down 20 went 1-1 pulling the super spoon of last season a magnum Pro King 2030, lastly the 1 color rigger down 25 fired off and a nice 15# chin went nuts. Had a Moonshine standard size bread winner on there.

First trip of the year couldn’t have ended better, wish I had another person on board.

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Nice job Adam , wish I could get out there but the weather just won't cooperate. I may have a shot at getting out on Sunday . Sounds like the boat is running good. Great way to start the season.

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