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Lakemaster Chip

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I am new here and saw your post on mapping, from this point forward Lakemaster no longer supports any mapping other than what is used in Humminbird. How old is your Lakemaster chip? I have heard of instances where chips got wet or damaged by something.

If it is bad I would recommend a Navionics Gold chip, they have some cool features such as Freshest Data and Community Layer, you can update your chip with new cartography for free for year. What area are at or fish?

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I have a new lakemaster chip Promaps V3 for my lowrance units. I have a 5500C global maps unit and a LCX20. It works in both units and they are about the same vintage. Make sure you are up to date on your software. Note that the chip will probably not show up in your maps list. It will just start reading it. In my opionion they are the best maps out there. The detail is awsome To bad Johnson outdoors bought them and made their maps exclusive to HB:mad:. Below is a link to the down loads for your unit.


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