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Set lines at 9 AM in 70 FOW. Only a few trailer and trucks in parking lot, and no boats in sight when we set up. Ran 1 full core, 1 three color, and 1 five color plus riggers at 70, 60, 45 and 35. Went 9 for 12 with l laker, 1 coho and the rest kings from 8# to 12 1/4#. 2 fish came on 70' rigger with magnum green dolphin, 2 came on magnum carmel dolphin bown 60, 2 came on full core with bloody-nose blue whale magnum, 2 came on double orange crush down 35' and one came on 3 color with a double orange crush. Never saw another boat fishing. Stayed in 70 to 85 FOW with best at 78'. Had 7 in the box by noon and then things slowed up although we were marking a lot of fish yet. Great day weather wise on the lake with not a drop of rain.


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