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anna maria surf fishing

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Hey every one its sunny and 80 here on anna maria island , got here yesterday after a couple long days on the road. got my license and was fishing within 2 hours ,second cast i caught a jack carevele, then a couple lady fish, got up this morning started to catch lady fish again then bam a nice spotted sea trout, then a few more cast and another one took off! Wohoo first sea trout ive caught they are pretty fun, i will be here all week and hope to catch some other fish,cobia,and reds have been cruising the sand bar so im gonna try hard to get one:thumb: im gonna try to go on an intercoastal charter for reds,snook,and trout thursday.





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Spent spring break on Marco Island, fl. Caught a bunch of Jacks, lady fish, catfish, mackeral, sharks, blue runners, and some others I couldn't identify. It was fun having a canal leading to the ocean right in the backyard. Saw a manatee, southern stingray, dolphins, an a monster tarpon right off the dock. Took a charter one day and it was brutal. Only caught a few mackeral, and 3 bonnet sharks. Coolest thing was a 5 foot barracuda stealing our catches by the boat.

Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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well i did it, bit the bullet and went on a charter today for red fish and trout, :thumb: went with my father in law, had a blast we fished with shinners on 7 foot med action rods with power pro and floro leaders .ended up getting 4 reds each and several trout !:grin:two reds were just under 30 " and around 9 lbs they fought like nice kings with nice long runs.



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Just got back from there a week ago and the fishing was just turning on. The water temp was cold for this time of year so the fishing was just heating up. Caught a few flounder in the surf but that was about it. Fishing was incredible off the Rod and Reel pier. Caught lots of salt water sheepshead- very tasty.Then the Spanish mackeral moved in and it was a blast. Must have caught over a hundred over the weeks time. Those fish are fast and aggressive. Didnt catch any over 5lbs but sometime caught them 2 at a time on the double jig rig. Throw in a few pompano and it was an awesome week of fishing. Cant wait to go back !

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