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Provide your input on Lk Mich Stocking Strategies

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Jay Wesley, I have Two questions: How are the coefficients calculated for forage consumption in "chinook equivalents"? How much lead-time does the MDNR's hatchery system need to efficiently alter production capacity of each salmonid species reared, otherr than chinook salmon?

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Expect this from a perspective of super-science/ivory tower guys that only calculate stats. and don't really fish themselves: I say as a 26 year Capt. and business man that if you have a program that works, is successful, and you are already funding, don't fix it, leave the darn thing alone. Funny how our government always does the opposite, kill programs that work, and keep loser programs intact and fund even more. I've watched this same scenario of government programs for many decades now, and it always surprises me that nothing ever changes, they just keep up the reverse thinking that common sense and experience tells us what is right to do. You can dress a pig up to look like a goat, but it's still a pig, someone famous said something to this effect once. Pitiful waste of minds and mindsets.

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