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Well I learned my lesson, I should have sticked with my plan that the N blow brought the bigger fish in close..... It did!!

Fished from 645 till 11 am and went 7-9

5 kings

1 coho

1 laker

With the loss of a 10-15 pounder 30 feet off the back of the boat.

I took advantage of the flat water and ran out to 170 and trolled a 300-330 troll all the way to 215 with a coho and a small dink king. Made the turn to a SE troll and the diver start slamming, it was hitting so hard I could not get it out of the rod holder. After that the next 20 minutes consist of me watching the fish swim back and forth 450 feet away from the boat. Nutral it is.... I would gain 20 feet, put it back in gear and rinse and repeat. After a fun episode with the 12 foot leader on the diver and 4-5 feet from spinnie to the end of the teaser rig a nice king was in the boat.

We turned the boat east and the fish turned on as we worked our way in from 150 to 100.

100-120 had alot of fish ( All on the bottom, thinking lakers)

135 -145 marked alot of fish (Suspended)

165-180 We marked alot of fish early, but the second time through they had moved.

What worked:

BLL Blue Kato 350 copper (3 fish)

BLL Black/Purple 300 copper ( 1 fish)

BLL Stary night 110 down on the rigger (3 fish)

BLL Mag Blue Dolphin behind a fish flash on the 250 copper (1 fish)

BLL meatless teaser rig w double UV clear SD 300 back Mag Dispey (1 fish)

Fish= hits btw;)







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In the picture with the 250 copper there is a spoon and below that there is a triangle shaped attractor. How did you place that in your setup? Looks like one that I got at a seminar put on by Dan Keating back in March in Holland, but I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to use that attractor yet.


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I run them in my set up for coho and active kings/coho.

I run the flasher then a Flasher snap with a 10-14 foot floro leader and then then spoon.

Port side

350 copper

250 copper




300 copper

200 copper

5 color



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Thanks all....


I would say the Big Al's has 1/10th the pull of a normal flasher. With the copper you can barley tell its on there because of the weight of the copper.

On the rigger...... its a bit more because you do not have the weight of the copper.

I would much rather keep fishing big als on the copper than a paddle or a spinnie. I hope this bite keeps up.

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