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brads super cut baits

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I guess it is your preference on single or treble. I prefer the single hook set up. I tried a 3/0 single and I lost several fish right in a row after 30 seconds of fighting. The next trip out I had switched to a 5/0 tru turn and I did not miss a fish. I am not advocating the tru turn so much as the bigger size. That was the only style hook that F&F had in that size. Moral of the story, do not be afraid of going big with the hook.

One other trick is to add a bead ahead of the hook swivel, between the body and swivel. This keeps the body from binding up on the hook and swivel. It also helps stage the hook more rearward instead of being right tight to the body.

Hope this helps!

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"There are no internationally recognized standards for hooks and thus size is somewhat inconsistent between manufacturers. However, within a manufacturer's range of hooks, hook sizes are consistent." ..... Wikipedia

Now that is just ducky! :no:

So are we all talking about the same size hook?

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