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Went down to St Joe Saturday looking for some of those Kings that were reported to be in shallow last weekend. Our first surprise was all of the boats in town for the Brown Blast Tournament. It took us a little longer to figure out that the fish were out deeper.

Started out in the 40-50 ft of water range. Picked up a couple of small Cohos in the mud line that we sent back, then headed out to 90 ft or so. Nothing going on in 90 ft of water so we started out deeper.

Did not get a hit until we got to 125 ft of water around noon, then all hell broke loose. Went 6-9 running west out to 160 ft and back in. 3 nice kings, a small king and two Cohos went in the box.

One King came on a new UV Green Tuxedo spoon on a SWR as the DR was being pulled up. I will bet that almost happens once per trip. An old fishing buddy of mine told me several years ago to leave the line attached until the ball is almost to the boat (thanks for the tip Bill)

A missed fish and a Coho on a small hot lobster spoon running on the free slider.

A Coho on a gold/pink thin fin on a high line back 300’

A missed fish and a Coho on the ½ cores with an orange NBK & a carmel dolphin spoon with black spots (don’t know the name)

Three Kings on Mag Dipsey Divers set on #2 down 56’ & 64’ with a muffin man spoon and small BSO spoons.

Wished we had pulled lines and ran out deep sooner.

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