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Had another GREAT morning out on the lake,I left the dock around 8am with 3 good friend on board and went straight west to 180 ,were I was back on Monday. We started takeing fish right away and set it on the same 330 degree troll as monday and by around 11:30 we were boxed out and heading in, finishing the day going 25 for 30 plus,.

We did throw 5 back do to being quite small but took 20 home, all coho, however the five that were sent back were all small kings.

Well heres what worked and the catch.


These are as follows.

  1. Lady Bug
  2. Pink Pantys
  3. Jerry Lee
  4. Blue Line
  5. Blue Matalic Glow Frog
  6. Hat Trick

These were all Silver Streaks in the mini size , except for the Blue Edge and all pulled on 32lb Blood Run copper.


These are

  1. Mag Blue Mango
  2. Mini Blue Dolphin
  3. 8" Green Double Glow Crush spin dr. and Pickled Sunshine Streak fly.

And the catch.:thumb::grin:


Sorry for the last pics. quality, my phone dos not take good pics.

And as a side note, after about 9:30 the bright colors stopped and the darker blues took off.

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