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Killin' It

Holland 4-6 Am Out to the boonies!!

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Started late this morning as it was WAY to cold!!

Hit the water with Luremaker and ran the boat west to 135 and set down on a west troll. We trolled from there out to 200 and back on a SW troll and then back on a NE.

15 or 17-22 kept 10 and released small shakers.

What worked

Big Al's flasher with a BLL Green Kato down 100 (8 times)

Big Al's flasher with a SS mag Blue/Green dolphin down 150 (6 times)

Lemon berry SS 250 copper (4 hits)

Pink Panties BLL 350 copper (1 hit)

Bloody Nose BLL 120 back on 2 on a diver (1 hit)

Double Trouble BLL on a 200 copper (1 hit)

Lemon Berry SS mini on a 5 color (1 hit)

SW troll seemed to work best

2.5-2.7 SOG

Water temp was 39

Trolled all the way to Douglas point!!

A buddy fished inside and ended up 8-11 with 4 biger lakers and 4 smaller fish.

His bests were Blue/Green Dolphin and Lemon ice Mag All his fish came no more than 10 feet off the Bottom.

All in all a great day!

Ended up with 4 kings in the box around 5 pounds and the rest were smaller coho. All the bigger fish came from the rigger down 150.


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Thanks Dave for the trip out had a blast:) Now if we can do that this summer it will be a great time.


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Good job Dave, had me jealous all day at school, though I did get to cook/eat some salmon for one of my classes.

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Dave, what size Big Al flasher do you run with your spoons? Never ran anything but clean spoons, this looks like it was hot for you.

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