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Big Bucks This Year????


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Has anyone noticed how tall the alpha fields are already?

I'm taking a shot in the dark......but with the mild winter and the early availability of these nutrients it will make for a longer antler growing season and affect the size of their racks.

There "may" be some real trophy bucks taken this year! :thumb:

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I agree Mike, this winter and spring sure has been kind to the deer and all wildlife.

The only downside of the early growth is they will be cutting hay much earlier than usual. That might not be good for nesting of ducks, turkeys and the few pheasants we have left. Normally, these birds hatch and move on before the first hay cutting but not sure about this year.

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I don't know. Can't say about the rest of the state but around my area I have not been seeing many older class deer at all. Nutrition, or lack thereof has never really been an issue in the southern lower. In my opinion age structure is the real problem.

My hopes remain high but my expectations are not.

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Got to agree with Erik. My hopes are always high but this past year was the worst year ever for us. On a normal late October night in years past we would see 10+ does and a small buck or two. This year we were struggling to even see a deer. Is it because of blue tongue? too many tags? poor management on other properties? or all of the above? Im not sure but I hope this year is better.

Edit: I will add that hunting may be awesome early to mid season for us. It looks like if the farmers have any fruit it will be way early and by the time season rolls around the deer may be using the clover fields a little more.

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