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burts tracks

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I to am going to go with berts on my new boat. after doing alot of research I have decided that a track system will be the best way to go with the new 1850 sprotfish by crestliner that I bought.

I would love to see everyone's set up to help me with Idea's on layout. I have a pretty good Idea as I have been around salmon boats most of my life but I am always looking for a better Idea. If your willing please share what you have? Here was my last set up that I rigged minus the tr 3 trees that I just did not have on when I took the picture. On this boat I used Ram rod holders. there were ok for everything but dipseys. you could lock them down but after a while they would start to creep out of position. I made all of the plating and did all of the machining myself. that was half the fun of rigging it. to see how you fair up against other small time engineers like us.


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i think you will be happy with the berts. any of the ratcheting rod holders and tracks are the only way to go for running divers. i ended up going with the cannon ratcheting rod holders for my divers. i liked them so well i put a couple of extras on each side to run my outriggers or if i ever run my boards. i really like the way you just squeze the holders to put them down, then just grab your rod and ratchet them up. i couldnt make up my mind between the berts and the cannons. then i found the 4 for sale on ebay. and i have never regreted getting the cannons.

i bought 4 of the duel axis ones off ebay. then i found the single axis at amazon for a great price, so i bought some of the single axis, and i liked them much better. you can adjust them as little as you want, where with the double axis you have to turn them to the next pin hole. but they are good solid good quaility holders. and i was thinking about getting the berts, but i got the 1st 4 cannons at a good price on ebay. then i got the rest of the single axis for alittle over 60.00 and free shipping. they are 69.00 at amazon now. but i wouldnt sell mine if i knew i couldnt replace them with ratcheting holders.


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