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The "Getaway"


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Thought I'd throw a few pics of my Sea Ray Sundancer up here all rigged and ready for action.

Getaway Specs:

1988 268 Sundancer bad ass wave buster

Sleeps 4 crew men comfortably

Fridge, dinette, kitchen, bathroom, aft cabin and tons of storage

330hp 454 Big Block w/Alpha drive, remote oil filter and hotwater tank bypass

Hot water washdown and self draining deck

3 Scotty Electric riggers

Getaway custom fold down radar/fishing arch

Full enclosure with drop curtain and camper canvas enclosure

Lowrance LRA1800 Radar

510C Lowrance fish finder

3500C Lowrance GPS/Mapping unit

Soon to be installed Depth Raider speed-n-temp

New transom, stringers, bulkheads and supports




Sporting my favorite port..



A couple pics before I installed the arch and radar



My favorite pic of course:D

This is the 29.70lb king that was the big fish winner in the Benzy Frenzy 2011. This helped net us an amateur division II win, Big Fish division I win and actually beat the pro division by 11 lbs.:cool:


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Hey Mike!

No problem helping you out while you get started trolling for salmon. It's fun seeing you and Steve-o hitting the big lake. It brings back great memories. It sure is a lot different than our past days of fishing the Tittabawassee for gators after finishing our paper routes.

I'm not doing a whole lot with arches/rocket launchers these days. I'll still build one or two for buds as a hobby, but I don't have price lists or anything like that.

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I had an '89 268DA and loved it. It was rigged very similar to yours. Loved the Atlantic aluminum arch I installed. Once we started cruising, I wanted more beam and now own an '89 300DA. Same layout as the 268 but 3' wider and 3' longer (and unfortunately an extra motor to feed). Love the late '80's Sea Ray cockpits and flat transoms. Very fishable while providing a comfortable cabin.

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Good pic's Bob:thumb: I wish i could have got my other one done over the winter:( but its close just a few things to do yet, and I want it right:rolleyes: then I can park next to ya and splash so water:lol: Hey when you go on your trip leave me the keys and I'll have her wet for ya when you get back, and maybe some fish slime on the floor:D::lol::lol::grin:

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Play Dough,

Trust me, I've already been eyeing up the 300's. They are awesome for the type of fishing we do. Problem is, I like being mobile and the 268 is about max for the amount of towing I do. We like fishing Huron in the spring, Saginaw Bay through June/July and the west side in July/August and perch until the snow flies. I need something easily trailer-able. The downside to the 268 is the deep v with only 8.5 beam. She has a tendency to wallow in the waves and that can cause barf attacks for your typical land lubbers:eek:..LOL! I keep Dramamine handy for all questionable riders:thumb:.

Grant, come get the boat! Keys are in it. You need a big hitch and a truck with good brakes. Just make sure you top off the gas tank and the fridge :drinks::D

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Yup, that was the choice. Own and feed a V8 pickup all year so I could trailer the 268 or get rid of all the trailering equipment and go larger and settle for one port. I opted for the no hassle boating. Spent enough years towing and dealing with ramps. But it does come at a price.

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  • 3 months later...

The "Getaway" grew up! Awesome! I have a 19.5 foot Smokercraft now. Perfect for the St. Clair River Walleyes and Sturgeon and big enough for me to hit the big water too. I don't mind rockin and rollin and never get green so you might see me entering some of the Tourneys Four Roses used to enter! Got 2 manual big jons and i figure I can stack them for 4 Rods and then run 2 Dipsies for a total of 6 Rods. If I get a planer reel mast then I can add more rods or maybe some inlines....we'll see. I just have to find me 2 good crewman and ill be good to go for the tourneys. Hopefully my 15 year old Stepsons Tyler enjoys it and doesn't get green then I only need to find 1 guy...

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After seeing the Four Roses up close, I got hooked on those Sea Rays...!

Glad to see you around again. Hope all is well.

What happened to those guys anyway? Have not seen the boat in the harbor in a couple years...

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Nice Boat. U dont happen to live in the lagoon at the mouth of the Kawkawlin do U?


My parents live at the lagoon off the Kawkawlin. My boat has been in there a couple times. Plus, I pull in there to pick my dad up when we do fishing trips.

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