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Holland 3-24 AM

Awesome morning fishing out of Holland ended up 17 for 22.

Started in 70 fow around 8:30am and headed west. We didnt have a bump until 185 and then things heated up. We tried an east troll a few times looping through areas we caught fish but it was way less productive than a west troll. Ended up in 260 with our limit at 1pm.

Best fishing was 185-260 with 220-240 being the 'hot' area. Caught fish in the top 50 but the surface seemed to be the best. I had 2 boards with 1/2 oz bullet weights on them and pulling them off seemed to produce more hits. Fish came on flat mono lines, 5 color, 7 color, wire dipsy on 1 out 70, fire dipsy on 3 out 90, 120, and 140. Riggers down 35, 45 and 55.

Best lure was J7 orange rapala on a flat mono line, outside board. Other lures were J9 orange, J7 black/silver, orange dodger black/purple fly, silver streak orange chilly willy with gold back, white spin doctor green crinkle fly, mtn dew spin doctor carmel dolphin fly, It was kind of a flurry I might have missed a few...

15 cohos, 2 kings... had to toss 2 back pulling lines as we already had our limit. Fish were full of bugs when we cleaned them.


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great job Eric. I find your report very interesting. We were out of Port Sheldon fishing a lot of the same things you were in the same way and never took a coho. In fact we had 5 set ups in the top 20 feet that never went all day. Our highest fish was a 12# king on a half core on a spoon. This just makes me belive that the cohos stop somewhere between Holland and PS. Our surface temp between 130 and 210 was 39. What was yours? West troll was best for us too but we stopped marking fish after 190 and did p/u 3 lakers coming back east right on the bottom. Were you running anything deep, 100+. We were purposely targeting big kings deep trying to see if what Dan Keating and Fuzzy Bear had talked about in their seminars would work here, and we were pretty amazed to pull 3 kings over 12# in March. We were able to find bait on the bottom just like DK had said and the lakers were stuffed full in fact coughing them out while in the net. The kings too had alwives in them and they were all big 5 and 6 inchers but I never saw a bug in any of them. Fisherman from NB to SH are searching for coho and not finding them, and who would of though you would go out and pound them in Holland. Thats the best spring coho catch I ever heard of from Holland, and your fish looked bigger than the typical down south ho's. I guess we need to go to the fish in March and April out deep instead of waiting for them to come to us.

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Very interesting... we had a steady 44 degrees on the surface so there must be a temp break between holland and port sheldon. I gave the info to a buddy who was headed out yesterday afternoon and he ended up with 16 in the same water last night. I had a rigger 100+ for a few hrs and a wire diver on 1 out 250 but neither got a touch

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