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Fished Holland this morning with Ben Lubbs.

Ended up 3-8

1 brown

2 kings

This morning was full of heartbreak and bad luck.

Started the morning, in the dark and setting rods we had our first fish on. Board burried and the fish popped off. Not a bad way to start the morning as a fish on is better than a fish off.

Get the rest of the rods set and go to sit down and the 2 color jumps back and we land a 12" inch king. (released) Re set the rod and it fires again. Same size fish also released. From here on out it was time for the bad luck to kick in.

A double and 2 lost fish

Outside board took off and went under and the fish managed pry the hooks loose.

Manged to get one fish in the boat!! (See below)



Best lure of the day!! BLL Prototype 4 hits


X rap Blue green olive took 2 hits

Alphonse 2 hits

Water temp 47-51

Best speed 2.2

Best troll S

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