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Ed, You could take ole Justin Wilson's place on TV. Everything looks so appetizing. I can smell the aroma over the web.:thumb:

I like your smoker. Do you have more than one tier? Show use more pics on the 55 gal drum smoker. Ed Bs Smokin 101. :thumb:

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I'm on the Jackson County Washtenaw county line in Waterloo, want me to PM the address Ken;)

The smoker has 2 racks, I have a drip pan underneath today but I can run two racks of food if needed. More than we eat on the racks going now but those pulled pork sandwhiches will be good for lunch this week.

I foiled the ribs a while ago, the butt is at 160 degrees. I want it to be 190-200 and it falls apart for pulled pork.

I didn't take any pics when I built mine but this link below shows how to build them and a few pics of some very nice home builds. We have this BBQ/fishing event in St Joe every spring and I learned a lot from the competition BBQ chefs that come to it every year.

Building a basic drum smoker:



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We got 6-8 of this white stuff in the last 24hrs

Matt better you than us.:lol:

We got plenty of rain last night and some snow this afternoon but it melted as quick as it fell. We had some thunder and lightning last night.

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looks great!! nice job.

i think i just found my new smoker, i have a brinkmann that i modified for better heat control, i have gotten really good at using it,3-4 hours at 175 -200 with charcoal and apple wood chunks but it is too small, i can only fit one turkey, or one large king, not enough room to do sausage or more than one thing at a time.

thanx for the link

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